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Benefits of Adding a Room on to Your House in Burney, CA; Increase Home Value & More

Did you just buy a house knowing it needed some more space or have you outgrown the house you have been living in for years? In either case, a room addition is a great investment. There are many types of rooms that can be added to a home that will add not only square footage but value as well. The most important part of any major home construction is to hire a professional. There are plans and permits that go into any build and that includes adding a new room. One of the great things about hiring a contractor or construction company is that we can follow through with the design and build, and have the work done so that it will pass the safety inspections and keep you on track within the allocated timeframe and budget. There are many benefits of having a room added to your home!

Wilderness Construction Lists Benefits of a Home Addition

You Can Stay in Your House: When you realize you have outgrown the house you are currently living in, you are probably thinking it is time to move. This is an option; to pack your entire home and find a new home to live in but a new room in the house you are living in is a much more convenient option. A new room addition is not a construction job that is super cheap and easy but it is much better than the amount you would spend to move. You have to sell your house and pay a new down payment on a house for starters. You then have to pack and load all your belongings to the new house and unload. The process of moving is not fun for anyone and most people will put it off if they can. A room addition is a great way to do that. It may give you the additional living space or bedroom that you need right now.
A Room Improvement Increases the Value of Your Home: Another great benefit to adding a room to your home is that you are adding square footage. This alone will add value to your home since part of the sales price is based on the square footage. Another reason this is a great investment is that you can also sell as a four bedroom instead of a three bedroom which opens your home to many more potential buyers.
Adds Functionality to Your Home: If you have struggled with the layout of your home and wish there was extra space to change it, this is your chance. You can add an extra room that is turned into the new living room while you remodel the kitchen and dining room to add more space or a table and counters for food prep. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Room Additions & More in Burney, Fall River Mills, Montgomery Creek,
Old Station, Hat Creek Area of California

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